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eQuarium has operated successfully for over 5 years. We are offering:

  • Domain: equarium.com.au
  • Domain: e-quarium.com.au
  • Sales Database:
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  • Trade Mark: eQuarium + logo

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>> About eQuarium.com.au
eQuarium.com.au is an Australian aquarium supplies mail order company run by experienced hobbyists. We offer high quality aquarium products at very low prices with fast delivery Australia wide. We have an expanding range of quality aquarium supplies for both freshwater and marine aquarists including fish food, heaters, filters, water additives, air pumps, and silk plants. To achieve our fast delivery times we keep over 95% of our products in stock and send orders by courier wherever practical.

We are happy to help with any questions you may have about our products - just send us an email and our friendly staff will respond. If you have questions about aquaria in general, pleae visit our world famous information site, FishProfiles.com. With over 15000 members, any questions you have can be answered almost immediately.