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The Street Food Journal

RRP $16.99

This unique, stunningly illustrated journal is ideal for use as a travel notebook or sketchpad.

Food lovers and travel enthusiasts will delightedly explore street food from all around the world through Sophia Augusta's vibrant illustrations. There is something for everyone, from the instantly recognizable (Italian ice-cream, American hot dogs, and Belgian waffles) to more unusual delicacies such as starfish on sticks from China and 'red red' stew from Ghana.

Containing 128 blank pages and 26 colourful illustrations to inspire your notes and sketches.

Food For Thought: Fish And Feather

RRP $29.99

Simon Courtauld's beautifully written musings from "The Spectator" extolling the virtues of fish, poultry and feathered game are gathered into one elegant volume.

In Food for Thought Fish and Feather: A Culinary Tour of Britain's Seas and Skies, the author navigates sea and sky to provide illuminating culinary insights into seasonal produce; from pigeon to perch to grunting gurnards he enlightens us on which corners of the world, and their markets, you'll find the best-valued and best-flavoured morsels, and how to cook and eat them in style.

Discover some outstanding recipes and their origins such as 'Txangurro' - a crab dish from the Basque country, 'Bestilla' - Moroccan pigeon pie, Octopus boiled in metal drums in Galicia, northern Spain, not to mention Haddock 'Monte Carlos' - said to have been invented for those tired and jaded after gambling in the casinos. You will also find out how to tell a carpet-shell clam from a smooth venus (and how to make them jump onto the sand when you catch them), why a monkfish's tail is so highly prized by Venetians and when and where to look forward to the annual crayfish run.

Food for Thought Fish and Feather: A Culinary Tour of Britain's Seas and Skies highlights which beasts are under-appreciated (whiting, spider crab), over-priced (monkfish) and over-fished (cod). Balancing flavour and taste, health and ethics with equal panache, it is clear that foodies everywhere can learn a great deal from Simon Courtauld's hardworking taste buds and reap some tasty rewards.

Lake And Pond Food Webs In Action

RRP $17.99

Frogs, minnows, snails, ducks, catfish, and muskrats are a few of the animals that make up a lake and pond food web. But do you know why mosquitoes, mold, water lilies, and bacteria are important too? Or how humans can change the health of a lake or a pond? See lake and pond food webs in action in this fascinating book.

On The Sex Of Fish And The Gender Of Scientists

RRP $89.95

Daniel Pauly is the most widely cited fisheries scientist of his generation. On the Sex of Fish and the Gender of Scientists comprises an edited and updated collection of 27 of Daniel Pauly's essays, spanning a great range of exciting and sometimes controversial topics, many of them breaking new scientific ground.
The book is divided into four sections covering tropical and other fisheries, patterns in fish biology, overfishing and how fisheries science is implemented. There is a Foreword to the book written by Ray Hilborn and a Series Foreword introducing the book as an extremely important and valuable addition to the Chapman & Hall Fish and Fisheries Series, by Series Editor Tony Pitcher.
There is something of interest in this book for everyone involved in fisheries science and fish biology. The book should find a place on the shelves of all fisheries workers, professionals and students alike.

Soul Food

RRP $29.99

We realize now that diets don't work. Following diet rules is dysfunctional because it doesn't require a true change from within, what scripture calls transformation by the renewing of the mind. True change occurs from the inside out, through freedom from strongholds and emotional baggage that keep us chained to destructive eating patterns. If you are ready to be free to feel the full peace of God and stop using food for fulfillment, you need Soul Food. This book doesn't teach diet rules. Instead, it helps you identify destructive eating patterns that have formed strongholds in your mind, will and emotions. Through careful study and application of scriptural truths and recent scientific discoveries about the brain, registered dietitian Terri Lykins has created a program that teaches transformation and healing from a Biblical perspective. For so many Americans, weight issues are a symptom of a deeper hunger - a soul hunger that only God can satisfy. This book will show you, step by step, how to change from within, to be free from destructive eating patterns that keep you from advancing God's kingdom. With each new diet, I would lose weight, but soon found myself back in the same rut because I never learned how to deal with the emotional or spiritual side of it. Soul Food has helped me to develop a way of living that allows me to control my feelings and thoughts toward food, and be content in God instead of eating for emotional release -Donna D., ITS Account Clerk Soul Food really helped me to see how I have used food to try to fill a void within. Through Soul Food I have learned to recognize strongholds, they are falling away, and I am becoming free. I have already lost 10 lbs. in thelast two months -Teresa B., Mental Health Professional


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