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101 Ways To Kill A Goldfish

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"Your son, Balthazar, is a bright and precocious young boy. He asks a lot of questions... which is good... though he seems to have an abnormally keen fascination in... rather obscure... tragic things." At a very young age, Balthazar noticed a particular pattern in the behavior of his estranged parents. The only time they ever seemed to occupy the same room was when one of his cherished goldfish would pass away, and he was in dire need of consolation. Thus began an odd fixation for him to continually innovate new and increasingly imaginative methods with which to dispatch each new aquatic pet.

Goldfish Varieties And Genetics - A Handbook For Breeders

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The goldfish, Carassius auratus, a member of the Carp family, Cyprinidae, has been domesticated for many hundreds of years, as a food fish, a laboratory animal and now most important commercially, for ornamental and aesthetic purposes. There are now many scores of recognised varieties, which have been produced over time by selection processes and other methods described in detail in this stimulating book.<p><p><i>Goldfish Varieties and Genetics</i> covers all major aspects relating to goldfish breeding and genetics in a readable and user-friendly style. An account is presented of the domestication and evolution of the goldfish, including comprehensive details of the relevant genetic and biological principles involved in the development strategies and production of new varieties. The book also covers the subject of goldfish appreciation and the international significance of goldfish shows and show standards. The book concludes with an exciting forward look at the potential evolutionary future for the goldfish.<p><p>This important and timely book brings together, for the first time, a wealth of scientific information, presented in a clear and understandable manner by Dr Joseph Smartt, who has many years' experience working in fish genetics and breeding. The book is a must-have purchase for all serious goldfish breeders, hobbyists and dealers, fish biologists and geneticists, aquarium keepers and aquaculture personnel. <p><p>The author, Joseph Smartt is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, UK.

Grump The Goldfish Goes For A Swim

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Grump Goldfish is Andy's fish, but Andy is going away for the summer and has no one to take care of Grump. He searches for someone to help but can't find anyone. Andy is worried what will happen to Grump if he can't find a home for her. Grump is scared to stay anywhere else but Andy's room. Andy explains to Grump that he is going to find a better home for her. He discovers a small pool in the Little Creek behind his house. The guppies and tadpoles in the little pool invite him to bring Grump there for a swim to see if she would like to stay there. After a good talk Grump agrees to take a swim in the little pool by the creek. She ends up loving her new home and makes friends with the guppies and tadpoles.


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