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To Brave The Seas

RRP $15.99

From the author of Vinnie's War, here is the story of a teenager who ends up as a deck boy on Merchant Navy ships, learning the ropes, fitting in with the crew and facing war-time action in World War II.

We had trained for emergencies. Every man knew how to launch a lifeboat. There were life jackets to save us, but no one said, Oh, and this is what an exploding torpedo does, and here's what happens when the ship sinks under you. And the lights will be out, so you'll be in the dark...

It is 1940, and war rages. With nothing to keep him at home, fifteen-year-old Adam Chisholm joins Britain's Merchant Navy. His first ship takes him on a stormy Atlantic convoy where he faces seasickness, submarines and shipwreck.

In his remarkable sea journeys, Adam meets enemies face to face, and makes friends - some for a lifetime.

About the Author

David McRobbie is the author of many bestselling books for children and young adults. He has published more than thirty titles since 1990, and had adapted many of his stories for television, including the very funny Wayne series, Eugenie Sandler PI and Fergus McPhail. The BBC adapted his gripping thriller See How They Run.

David's background is a varied one: he has worked as a ship's engineer, a primary school teacher, a college lecturer, a parliamentary researcher in Papua New Guinea, and a radio and television producer with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He lives in Toowong, Queensland and writes full-time.

David was an evacuee in the Second World War, which helped inspire his 2011 novel Vinnie's War. In To Brave the Seas he draws again on his boyhood war memories, and on his later Merchant Navy experiences, to add colour and realism to the story.

A Killer For The Common Good - Lawman (the Sean O'rourke Series - Book 2)

RRP $32.99

Marshal Sean O'Rourke has an enemy for life in George Anderson. Sean soon discovers that the Hawks have been working with the Anderson gang. Even after several shootouts, and many Hawks killed, more Hawks keep coming. Now that Anderson has put a bounty on Marshal O'Rourke's head, every low life in the country is trying to get rich by collecting that bounty. Even Sean's woman, Maggie, is forced to use the gun. She learns that she will do whatever it takes to keep herself and her man alive. Marshal O'Rourke finally learns where Anderson is hiding, and with his deputies, and his friend Flying Eagle, he will try to put an end to Anderson and his gang once and for all. Anderson will be hanged, even if he is wounded or shot dead, he will be hanged.

In Search Of Hope

RRP $14.99

When Rose and her family migrate from Mississippi to St. Louis, they discover that the excitement and novelty of the North soon give way to the realities of being African American...


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