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A Message From The Sea

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"And a mighty sing'lar and pretty place it is, as ever I saw in all the days of my life!" said Captain Jorgan, looking up at it.Captain Jorgan had to look high to look at it, for the village was built sheer up the face of a steep and lofty cliff. There was no road in it, there was no wheeled vehicle in it, there was not a level yard in it. From the sea-beach to the cliff-top two irregular rows of white houses, placed opposite to one another, and twisting here and there, and there and here, rose, like the sides of a long succession of stages of crooked ladders, and you climbed up the village or climbed down the village by the staves between, some six feet wide or so, and made of sharp irregular stones.

Heart Diseases In Children

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As front line health care providers for children, pediatricians are entrusted with the responsibility for discovering early signs of heart diseases in this complex patient population. Especially in the newborn period, the presentation of pediatric heart disease is frequently obscure, and the consequences of these illnesses can be devastating if not caught early and managed correctly.

This comprehensive, easy to understand book is a ready guide to acquiring the proficiency and confidence necessary to decipher the wide spectrum of disease presentations. Case scenarios give life to each chapter, with key images and illustrations reinforcing notable concepts. Special attention is given to the interpretation of chest radiographs and the role of echocardiography and catheterization. All chapters are dual authored by an academic cardiologist and a practicing general pediatrician, resulting in this book's elegant blend of medical authority, real life value, and fresh practical viewpoints.

Heart Diseases in Children: A Pediatrician's Guide is divided into four sections. The first is an overall approach to heart diseases in children with ample discussion to diagnostic testing. The second and third sections cover the spectrum of congenital heart defects and acquired heart diseases. The fourth section prsents issues related to office cardiology. The book concludes with an extensive drug appendix. Significant and meaningful online complements, heart sounds and murmurs are available at providing practitioners the materials necessary to build confidence in their ausculatory skills.

This unique book is a go-to resource for pediatricians, pediatric residents, family practitioners, medical students and nurses, conveying essential information for the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric heart diseases.

The Aral Sea

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This unrivalled reference book is the first in the new Springer-Praxis Earth System Science Series. Written by a team of global experts, this new book describes mankind s destruction of the Aral Sea. Dr Philip Micklin and team explain how spheres and events interact and reveal the social, psychological, political and economic consequences of the "Aral Sea Problem" together with some lessons of how to potentially rehabilitate portions of the sea.

International experts in the field have contributed to the work including Praxis author Dr. Zavialov, covering physical oceanography and also Dr. Vitaliy Bortnik, the leading expert on the hydrometeorology and hydrochemistry of the Aral at the end of the Soviet period. Other pioneering experts have contributed chapters covering climatology; archaeological and paleobotanical evidence for ascertaining the level variation history of the Aral Sea; landscape dynamics of the Amu Dar ya Delta owing to drying of the sea; use of radar altimetry to trace sea level changes and much more.

The book is structured into six core parts. The first part sets the scene and explains how the use of Aral basin water resources, primarily used for irrigation, have destroyed the Aral Sea. The team explains how spheres and events interact and the related problems. Part 2 examines the social consequences of the ecological catastrophe and the affect of the Aral Sea desiccation on cultural and economic conditions of near Aral region. Part 3 explores the scientific causes of the destruction using detailed analyses and data plus some of their own research spanning aquatic biology, terrestrial biology, hydrology, water management and biodiversity. They also share some of the latest archaeological discoveries and paleobotanical analysis to delineate past levels and characteristics of the Aral Sea. There is particular focus on modern remote sensing and GIS techniques and how they can monitor the Aral Sea and the environment. Part 4 discusses regional and international initiatives to mitigate human and ecological problems of the Aral Sea and the wider political and economic consequences. With thorough insight of the total environment cost, the final chapters of the book will provide lessons for the future. There are insightful case studies throughout.

Multidisciplinary by nature, all titles in our new reference book series will explore significant changes within the Earth s ecosystems and to some extent, will tackle ways to think about our changing environment.



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